Could you be our Volunteer Communications person?

Could you be our Volunteer Communications person?

Horsell Prepared aims to make sure Horsell is 'ready for anything'.

With about 250 volunteers & associates, Horsell Prepared's tentacles reach far and wide across the village, including links to other local groups such as Horsell Common Preservation Society, Horsell Residents' Association and Horsell Neighbourhood Watch.

However the nature of Horsell Prepared's operations - providing volunteers when things go unexpectedly wrong - means that we do not have regular contact with our volunteer team, yet we need them to respond when an incident demands. So we need to keep volunteers engaged, even though they are not meeting regularly.

We also need to build up our volunteer numbers, and their capability, through communication and training events.

To achieve this, it would be beneficial if we had someone responsible for Volunteer Communications.

You would need to:

  • Attend a monthly meeting (usually on Monday evenings once a month) in Horsell to find out what's going on with Horsell Prepared, and what we need to communicate with volunteers.
  • Produce and send one communication for our volunteers per month, usually by email newsletter, with the same content possibly repeated on Facebook or by text message as required. There may also be benefit in writing an occasional article for the Horsell Resident or Horsell Matters magazines.
If you are interested in helping in this role or would like more information, then please email and a member of our team will get back to you.

Thank you.

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Otherwise known as the Horsell Resilience Team, Horsell Prepared aims to create a co-ordinated volunteer capability to help Horsell deal with any future emergency or incident affecting multiple households in Horsell.

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