Horsell Prepared Roles

We have defined a number of roles for Horsell Prepared Volunteers.

This means anyone can register, choosing a role which is right for them, to help the village in a local emergency or incident.

Horsell Prepared Community Volunteer

General volunteer who may be called upon in an incident (with no obligation to participate in each incident). We send you a text message, and if you're able to help, you can participate. If you're not able to help, never mind!

Snow Angels Volunteer

A volunteer prepared to help neighbours with specific tasks / errands in snowy or icy weather only.

Horsell Prepared Road Rep

The representative for a road, who is prepared to be contacted for local intelligence gathering and/or door-knocking if there is an incident. You can be a Road Rep as well as a Community Volunteer, or just a Road Rep, if you wish.

Horsell Prepared Co-ordinator

A volunteer who helps to co-ordinate other volunteers during an incident (please note - we will train you on processes if you wish to take on this role).

There are 2 types of Co-ordinator - the Control Room Co-ordinator who calls out volunteers using our technology (including text messaging and our database), and the Field Co-ordinator who organises volunteers "on the ground".

Snow Angels Co-ordinator

We have a number of volunteers who help to answer calls and call out other volunteers during a snowy or icy period.

Horsell Prepared Associate

A link person linking Horsell Prepared with another local group or organisation to extend the network. They may help us call upon another group if needed in an incident.


When you fill in our Volunteer Registration Form, we will describe these roles again and ask which role (or roles) you wish to register for. All volunteers are extremely valued - you are helping make Horsell a safer and more caring place!

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